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In this issue, we’re continuing to follow the basic process of creating a book. Outlining last time, First Drafts this.

It seems like a fairly straightforward topic. However, our writers and editors have crafted some fascinating articles we expect will provide you with some new strategies to incorporate into your drafting workflow.

Planning to use poisonous plants in your mystery? Be sure and give the Devil in the Details a read—we might even add to your TBR pile!

In the Mindset article, we’ll help you get through the muddy middle, something that’s claimed several of my projects! And, our Op-Ed this month is all about Vella, Amazon’s foray into serialization.

Whether you write serials or epically long fantasy tomes, we hope you find good encouragement at the pace of your drafting and production schedule with our interview of Jami Albright and the feature on taking it one day at a time.

As always, we expect you’ll discover more than you expected and at least a couple actionable ideas to inspire your own author career, wherever that leads.

Onward and Upward!

Alice Briggs
Creative Director,
Indie Author Magazine

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