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Book Cover Design Formula

By Anita Nipane
Book 4 of the author’s series focuses on the basics of what readers expect when looking at a book cover, and how authors can measure their cover against those expectations. It’s a straightforward read with lots of specific detail from her perspective as an art director and marketer.

The Author's Guide to Cover Design

By Stuart Bache
Stuart Bache is a well-known designer, with many bestselling designs under his belt. In his guide, he stresses the importance of design briefs when working with cover designers, and breaks down the elements that make designs successful from the marketing perspective.

Cover Your Book: An Author's Guide to Working with a Designer to Maximize your Sales

By Rebekah Haskell
Haskell includes several case studies detailing several genres and gives solid tips for working with designers for both custom design and premades. She also includes advice for audiobook and other non-print versions of design.

The Importance of Book Cover Design and Formatting: For self-published authors

By JD Smith
Author JD Smith offers less of a technical how-to guide, but rather insight into what an author needs to ensure a properly formatted cover with loads of examples and comparisons.

Book Cover Design Secrets You Can Use to Sell More Books

By Derek Murphy
Murphy’s book is a lifehacker’s recipe to getting cover design right. With step-by-step instructions for researching genres and effective checklists for avoiding common mistakes, it offers fantastic insight into how a successful author “cheats” their way to cover success.


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