Podcasts (From the Stacks) A collection of thirty years of wisdom, Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark is a series of essays on the different aspects of writing. The book provides over two hundred examples from journalism and literature and fifty essays by Clark himself, all divided into an easy-to-digest format of […] by journalist Kirk McElhearn, Write Now with Scrivener is a podcast dedicated to interviewing writers of every flavor about their processes and techniques, and exploring how they use Scrivener to aid those processes. The first half of each show is dedicated to the writer’s approach and process. The second half shows how Scrivener is […]

Authors, are you struggling to get the word out about your books? Discover the latest book marketing and publishing news, tools and strategies. This is the Sell More Books Show with H. Clare Taylorl and Bryan Cohen. Every week you’ll get helpful tips and ideas to make your book sales soar. Visit for detailed […]

Kick off the New Year with a podcast designed to get you moving! Every episode of The Mel Robbins Podcast is filled with the motivation and tactics you need plus deeply personal stories, relatable topics and tactical, research-backed advice to help you create a better life.

While not technically a podcast, most of these videos can be listened to without losing any of the great information. They’re broken up into playlists including the Five-Minute Focus, and the presentations from nearly every 20Booksto50K conference.

A weekly podcast for writers craving a unique blend of inspiration and real talk about the ups and downs of the writing life. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), each theme-focused episode of Write-minded features an interview with a writer, author, or publishing industry professional. […]

How To Win NaNo is a no-nonsense guide to writing a novel in 30 days. November ticks closer every day, but don’t worry — your hosts are here for you! Kristina Horner and Liz Leo are NaNoWriMo experts (and lifelong writing friends) with a passion for helping people tackle National Novel Writing Month. Join them […]

Prickly Pens Podcast is a platform of discussions with three friends who are also authors on the writing journey: Michelle Monkou, Julia Canchola, Gabby Samuels. During each episode, each co-host will add to the discussion around, not only the writing journey, but issues and topics of our lives. financial journalist Farnoosh Torabi interviews financial leaders, authors, and influencers “about their financial perspectives, money failures, and habits” on So Money on CNET.  The show updates every two days, and on Fridays, Torabi answers money questions from listeners.

Is self-publishing a side hustle for you? Join Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation for high-value content to help you make extra money. The weekly show is a top-rated podcast with more than 500 episodes, featuring actionable tips and business strategies from successful entrepreneurs.

Pat Flynn, creator of the Smart Passive Income blog, reveals “his online business and blogging strategies, income sources, and killer marketing tips and tricks” on this podcast. Join entrepreneur and author Flynn weekly for a combo of interviews, co-hosts, and solo shows. Level up your digital marketing with interviews of experts, the latest industry news, tools, and techniques. This weekly podcast is an ad-free show that strives to be entertaining as well as informative. It’s hosted by author Daniel Rowles and marketing expert Ciaran Rogers. to gain traction with your video content? Check out Creator Generation from Changer Studios. This weekly podcast features “top online video creators and experts sharing their tips, insights and stories for working on YouTube, TikTok and the world’s biggest video platforms.” Wondering how you can use TikTok to promote your brand? Take a deep dive into organic TikTok marketing strategies and paid TikTok advertising campaigns with hosts Sam Kaufman Joel Lowinger. The two founded, the only agency devoted entirely to marketing on the popular platform. The agency’s TikTok Marketing Podcast airs on Thursdays. for Facebook marketing basics, strategies, or tactics? Check out the weekly Pin To Top, hosted by social media marketing strategist Ann Kristine Peñaredondo. “Growing your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” she says. “I can help you be on top of the changing Facebook algorithms, trends, and updates.” The world’s first Amazon advertising podcast – hosted by Ad Badger. Here we discuss the ins and outs of Amazon PPC, including tips and tricks to help optimize your ad campaigns. Whether you’re a die-hard [pay-per-click] fanatic or an Amazon seller looking for an edge, this is the podcast for you. show appeals to veteran Facebook advertisers as well as beginners with its mix of content. The weekly show, hosted by Phil Graham, drops on Tuesdays with the latest tips “to help you stand out from the noise and leverage Facebook Ads for your success.” Business coach and host Pagan Malcolm says this weekly show is for ambitious and aspiring authors. She specializes in helping them “to understand the business side of publishing and create a lifestyle that supports [their] authorly goals.”  Recent topics have included marketing your backlist,  preventing  prelaunch mistakes, and maintaining momentum. Need help converting big ideas and strategies into actionable, step-by-step processes? That’s marketing strategist Amy Porterfield’s specialty. While her top-ranked podcast isn’t designed specifically for indies, you’ll find valuable information about list building, marketing, and social media. Follow three indie authors on their adventures in self-publishing on Unstoppable Authors. Recent episodes covered creating multiple streams of income, planning and running an author event, and raising creative children. Join Holly Lyne, Julia Scott, and Angeline Trevena for more on the writing life on Mondays.

This award-winning show dispenses advice and encouragement for beginning writers. Catch it live on Twitch at 3 p.m. (Eastern time) Tuesdays and Thursdays or listen to the edited version later in the podcast feed. I Should Be Writing has been hosted by Mur Lafferty since 2005. to learn more about the craft and business side of writing and publishing? Listen to The Shit No One Tells You About Writing. Host Bianca Marais interviews authors, agents, editors, and others involved in getting a book to market. Her co-hosts, literary agents Carly Watters and CeCe Lyra, read and critique query letters and […] Barnard interviews successful authors about their best writing, marketing, and mindset secrets on Author Like a Boss. She says the weekly show is for indie authors “who want to publish stories that readers love, utilize marketing that works, make more money with their writing, and enjoy the process!”

Kate Doster brings you practical advice and tips for growing your email list in her show.  She believes “email marketing can be fun and  profitable when you treat people like people and let your personality shine through.”

If your book marketing plan needs work, check out Penny Sansevieri and Amy Cornell’s show. Their podcast is long on new ideas and easy-to-implement book marketing strategies. It’s designed to help self-published and traditionally published authors at any career level grow their platform.

Brian Murphy interviews successful writers “to decode their tips, routines, and motivations for producing best-sellers” on the How Writers Write show.  Recent listeners have been privy to an insider’s glimpse into the lives of J.A. Jance, Maurice Ruffin, and Fiona Davis.

For “all things story” check out Narrative First. The show is no longer active, but 66 episodes “aimed at providing the secrets to great storytelling” are archived. The mostly ever- green content covers “screenplays to novels to deep theo- retical story structure.” narrative-first-where-story-is-always-king/id1131426809

Author Matty Dalrymple delves into how we can improve our writing skills and navigate a career in self-publishing on The Indy Author Podcast. Dalrymple, who is lauded for her interview technique, launches new episodes of the show weekly. In addition, you can learn about the tools and resources that have been indispensable to her as […]

Dan Simpson looks “inside the daily diary of a writer, to peek at the secrets of their success” on his award-winning Writer’s Routine show. He interviews authors, from aspiring to famous, for tips, tricks, and inspiration that could help us on our indie author journey. The weekly podcast airs on Fridays. id1273996998

Make no mistake; if you’re an author, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re selling the world on your book, aren’t you? Of course, it’s not as easy as launching a business and then tossing any old book up on Amazon. That’s why Entrepreneur Publishing Academy teaches entrepreneurs to publish books on the specific topic and in the […]

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