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Books We Recommend- January 2023

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Free Your Time: How Assistants Supercharge Successful Authors

Grace Snoke


Author, personal assistant, and Indie Author Magazine contributor Grace Snoke comes out swinging with her first nonfiction book for indie authors. 

It can be overwhelming to handle all the various tasks and responsibilities that come with being an author. You may find that some of these tasks don’t come naturally to you, or that you simply don’t have the time or energy to complete them all. In these cases, it may be helpful to consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you manage your workload.

If you’re considering hiring a virtual assistant, you may have questions about what tasks you can delegate to them, how to safely share accounts with them, and where to begin the hiring process. This guide aims to answer these questions and provide a helpful starting point for authors who are considering hiring a virtual assistant.

Stop Making Others Rich: How Authors Can Make Bank By Selling Direct

Morgana S. Best


An author store can be a powerful tool for managing and growing your author business. With the right store, you can upsell, retarget customers, and bundle products in a way that isn’t possible through traditional retailers. You can also get paid faster and retain more of your profits, as you won’t be subject to the long payment schedules and cuts that retailers often require. Additionally, an author store gives you access to valuable data and analytics about your customer base, helping you to make informed decisions about your business. In this book, you’ll learn how to set up and optimize an author store, including tips on which storefront platform to use, how to handle international sales tax, and how to manage change in the industry. Whether you’re just starting out or have an existing store, this book can help you take control of your author finances and make the most of your business.

The Anatomy of Genres: How Story Forms Explain the Way the World Works

John Truby


Genres are not just categories for entertainment choices but rather the most popular and successful stories in the world. John Truby, a writing teacher and author, has written a guide called The Anatomy of Genres to help writers understand and utilize the basic elements of storytelling in various genres. Truby explains three key rules for successful genre writing and analyzes a variety of genres, identifying the “beats” or key plot events that define each one. He also shows how these beats can be combined to create unique and effective stories that blend elements of different genres. The Anatomy of Genres aims to improve the quality and impact of writers’ stories.

Romancing Your Goals

Zoe York


Are you a genre fiction writer looking to succeed in your career? In Romance Your Goals, New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Zoe York provides a framework for achieving your goals as a writer. This book includes decision-making tools and a discussion on how to progress in your career without necessarily achieving breakout success. York also offers support for knowing when it’s time to take your writing career in a new direction. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your writing to the next level, Romance Your Goals is the perfect guide to help you achieve your ideal career as a writer.

Help! My Facebook Ads Suck

Mal Cooper and Jill Cooper


Publisher’s Note: Just prior to the 20BooksTo50K® conference in Las Vegas, Mal Cooper and Jill Cooper held an event, teaching more than fifty authors how to optimize their Facebook ads. In a word, I found it stunning. The examples they showed were clearly structured and easy to understand, and the practical applications for authors of any genre were compelling. Rather than the generic fluff that most Facebook ads training offer, this was specific, timely, and useful. If you’re struggling with Facebook ads, this book is a great start. — CH

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