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What’s Your Author Value Statement? How and Why to Change Your Mindset in 2023

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Creating an Author Value Statement for the New Year

Every year, people around the world make grand plans for lifestyle makeovers that are sure to bring them closer to their dreams. Six months in, more than half of the people who make a resolution will have given it up, according to a Discover Happy Habits

Authors in particular sometimes struggle with creating concrete resolutions since so many of the factors of success feel beyond their control. 

One solution may be to think bigger. Although the sellers of specialized planners will probably disagree, setting specific, measurable goals, and breaking them down into accessible steps isn’t always motivating. Even with a clear track to success, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or burned out. 

Instead, consider taking the macro view by creating a value statement in place of your annual resolution. Value statements express who you already are and can help you focus on what you want while maintaining a positive mindset. They give you a motivating call to action rather than another goal you’ll need to motivate yourself to accomplish.

From a practical standpoint, narrowing down what’s important for you and your book business to a concise statement of purpose allows for more flexibility in defining your goals. You can change the way you measure success throughout the year, as long as every action you take aligns with your stated values.

Creating a value statement also brings clarity to your author brand and gives you another way to communicate with readers. Consistency in your messaging, from marketing materials to the content of your books, builds confidence in your reading community.

If committing to a New Year’s resolution feels daunting, try changing your mindset instead. Create a motivating value statement, and celebrate who you already are.

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