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Featuring Gail Carriger Issue #1, May 2021 – Focus on Outlining

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Successful indie authors often take that first step with an outline. They take their nebulous ideas and make them real — but how?
You might cringe at the thought of stifling the creative process. Or, you might be the author that geeks out at the opportunity to break out a tool and start organizing right away.
Whether you’re a Plotter or Pantser — or some combination of both — you’ll learn what bestselling authors do to take the first step.
★ In this inaugural issue of Indie Author Magazine…
✓ Learn the top outlining methods successful indies use, and which will work for you.
✓ Explore the difference between the Snowflake Method and the Skeleton Draft.
✓ Delve into the software high-earning authors use to streamline their writing process.

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Kill or Cure?

Alfred Hitchcock famously said, “I think everyone enjoys a nice murder, provided he is not the victim.” In reality, there is no such thing as

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