Defining Success

Dictionary Success Magnified

Many of us write because we love to write; it’s our outlet that keeps us sane. Publishing is a by-product that becomes our businesses to pay for our writing habits. […]

Wide Vs. Exclusive: Which Is For You?

“Should you go wide?” is one of the most popular questions in Indie publishing. “Wide” publishing means offering your ebook(s) in as many channels, languages, countries, and formats as you […]

From the Desk of: Erika Everest

Erika Everest, Managing Editor

The part of indie publishing that makes my heart sing is not seeing my own words in print (although I like that too) but helping others to realize their publishing […]

From the Desk of: Robyn Sarty

The Start of Our Story When Chelle Honiker and Alice Briggs first presented the notion of a magazine dedicated to the independent author community, I sat there like the little […]

From the Desk of: Alice Briggs

This all started in a castle in Scotland… There are times in your life when you make a quick decision, and it pays far richer dividends than you could ever […]

From the Desk of: Chelle Honiker

Chelle Honiker, Publisher

  Magic and Alchemy. As indie authors, our days are filled with the wonder of words and how they weave togetherto tell tales. Sometimes, reality can be a wondrous tale […]

De-Mystery-fying Tropes

mysterious woman holding a fan black and white

A mystery is a crime or puzzle that must be solved by the end of the story. It is critical to reader expectation and satisfaction that the culprit is discovered, […]

How to Write Accurate Fight Scenes

You’ve decided that violence is the answer! In your story, that is, but now what? What makes a good fight? There are a lot of things to consider for your […]