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Craig Martelle - The Man, The Myth, The Leader

Nice in Newcastle Writes…

Dear Indie Annie, I love my characters. I love seeing them live out their lives, and making wonderful things happen to them. But my critique

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Gail Carriger

Featuring Gail Carriger Issue #1, May 2021 – Focus on Outlining

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Successful indie authors often take that first step with an outline. They take their nebulous ideas and make them real — but how?
You might cringe at the thought of stifling the creative process. Or, you might be the author that geeks out at the opportunity to break out a tool and start organizing right away.
Whether you’re a Plotter or Pantser — or some combination of both — you’ll learn what bestselling authors do to take the first step.
★ In this inaugural issue of Indie Author Magazine…
✓ Learn the top outlining methods successful indies use, and which will work for you.
✓ Explore the difference between the Snowflake Method and the Skeleton Draft.
✓ Delve into the software high-earning authors use to streamline their writing process.

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From the Industry
Merri Maywether

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

What Is National Novel Writing Month and Why You Should Participate Warning: This story starts and ends with a challenge. Choices have to be made.

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Dear Indie Annie

Extinguished in Evora Writes…

Dear Indie Annie, I have just released the fourth book in my series, and it is doing really well. Sales are good, and the fans love it and are clamoring for more. Doesn’t sound like a problem, right? There are two more books to wrap up that series, but I am tired of writing these characters. I want to start …

Distribution Books We Love

Wide for the Win: Strategies to Sell Globally via Multiple Platforms and Forge Your Own Path to Success By Mark Leslie Lefebvre Arguably the gold

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Ten Tips: Bookfunnel

BookFunnel specializes in e-book and audio distribution. Authors can send e-books directly to readers’ preferred reading devices, collect email addresses, participate in group promotions, and

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How to Get Your Book into Libraries

The Magic Portal

How to get your books into libraries Imagine a kingdom where books are traded like currency. The wealthiest are voracious readers who never reach the

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Space Opera Tropes

Space Opera

All Your Favorite Stories…in Space Space Opera is a popular genre among authors and readers who enjoy Sci-Fi themed stories with an epic scope, splashy

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