Featuring Dr. Danielle and Dakota Krout The Business of Self-Publishing, Growing Your Author Business Through Outsourcing, and Step-by-Step Planning to be a Full-Time Writer.


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Taking charge of your indie author career comes with a whole new set of challenges. You’re not just a writer, you’re a publisher, marketer, administrative assistant, social media guru, and publicist. And that’s just on Monday. 

How do some indie authors manage to do it all?   

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn ways to optimize and streamline your author business without breaking the bank or burning out. 

Read the three key business articles

✓ How and When to Go Full-Time, Plus Your Action Plan for Making the Leap

✓ What You Need to Do To Safeguard your work as part of your estate — before it’s too late!

✓How to Beat Burnout and Grow Your Team With Outsourcing

In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn all about the business of being an authorpreneur, and meet Dr. Danielle and Dakota Krout, the couple behind Mountaindale Press, the indie publisher shaping the industry. 

Plus, even more articles for you!

  • Our sassy advice-giving aunt, ★ Indie Annie ★ shares sage advice for overcoming your fear of finishing… 
  • From the Stacks: our business picks for indie authors from Bradley Charbonneau, Steven Pressman, Joe Solari, Becca Syme and Joanna Penn.
  • Praiseworthy Podcasts you need to bookmark and listen to every week.
  • The technology tools the top-selling authors use — plus video tutorials!
  • What gives Horror readers nightmares? Learn the tropes that work. 
  • Step-by-Step Guide to covering  your book’s backside with a full wrap cover for print.
  • All you need to know about firearms basics for fiction authors.
  • Ten Tips for Discord — the app where great conversations take place.
  • How to ensure that the tax man cometh, but not leave with more than his fair share.
  • Part two of how to kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb.
  • Have you chosen the right narrator? Here’s your guide to writing with the right point of view. 

BONUS: Merri Maywether shares her checklist for Preptober – the all-important month indie authors use to prepare for the NaNoWriMo marathon.

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