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Welcome to the July 2024 issue of Indie Author Magazine, where we explore the expansive world of translations and global reach for indie authors. This month’s edition is filled with insights and strategies to help you navigate the complexities of translating your books and expanding your readership across borders.

Inside, you’ll find:

✓ From the Editor in Chief by Nicole Schroeder: Reflections on the importance of translating your work and reaching a global audience.
✓ ALLi Exclusive: When Authors Should Go Global – A comprehensive guide on when and how to take your books international.
✓ Dear Indie Annie: Lost in Translation – Tips for working with cover designers across language barriers.
✓ 10 Tips for Local Events by Jenn Lessmann – Strategies for making the most of local events to connect with readers.
✓ Seven-Figure Stanzas by David Viergutz – How direct sales and transmedia have propelled Pierre Alex Jeanty’s poetry to new heights.
✓ From Creatives to Content Creators by Jen B. Green – Insights from the Content Entrepreneur Expo 2024 on diversifying revenue streams.
✓ First Subscriptions for Authors Summit by Nicole Schroeder – Highlights from the inaugural event focused on building reader subscriptions.
✓ An Author’s New Translation Tool? by David Viergutz – Exploring the potential of AI in reducing the cost of book translations.
✓ Cover Your Bases by Grace Snoke – Why translating your book may require a cover change and how to approach it.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of translations, offering practical advice, inspiring stories, and expert guidance to help you broaden your horizons and connect with a global audience. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned author, this issue provides the tools and knowledge you need to take your indie author career to the next level.

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