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Indie Author Magazine: Featuring Elana Johnson

Custom Launch Plans for Wide Writers, Substack for Authors, Rapid Release Explained, 10 Tips for Kickstarter, and Getting the Word Out

Congratulations! You just hit publish and you’re ready for the sales to roll in… or are you? Did you have a launch plan? Does anyone aside from your one supportive friend know you published?
You need a launch strategy. And fast. One that covers all the bases and gives your book its best chance of success before it falls off the release cliff.

★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn what strategies best selling indie authors use to maximize their sales and success. ★

Read the three key release strategy articles:
✓ Full of Fanfare: Getting the Word Out about Your Book
✓ Rocket Fuel Doesn’t Come in a Can: Why Wide Authors Need A Custom Launch Plan
✓ Rapid Release to Rapid Riches? What’s Working and What’s Not

You’ll also meet Elana Johnson – the quick-writing queen of over 160 titles in four pen names, and legendary leader of the indie Inspiration Facebook Group.


  • Industry Insider Jackie Dana deciphers SUBSTACK – everything you need to get started writing paid episodic stories delivered to readers via email.
  • Our sassy advice-giving aunt, ★ Indie Annie ★ unravels the geek-speak around ads acronyms and their meaning. ACOS, anyone?
  • The Commotion of Notion: Keep writing workflows organized with an ingenious app
  • Women’s Fiction: What readers expect and how it differs from Romance
  • Walking the Wire: How to add tension to your story and manage conflict.
  • Devil in the Details: Using Feng Shui to Frame Your Magical System
  • Ten Tips for Kickstarter: How authors can fund projects and writing.
  • Pomodoro Pro-Tips: How to use the method to squeeze every word onto the page.
  • Mindset: Avoid overwhelm with this step-by-step approach to your career

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