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From the Industry
Chrishaun Keller-Hanna

Growth in the Indie Author Industry

I’m about to give the editors of this fine journal a headache. When they gave me the assignment of writing about growth in the Indie Publishing industry, my first thought

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Dear Indie Annie...

Wasting Time In Wabasca

Dear Indie Annie, How do I know I’m good enough? Writing a book takes time and effort. What if my novel is utter rubbish? I’ll have wasted all that time and effort. Wasting time in Wabasca Dear Wasbasca, I do love a time waster.   In fact, like many writers, I like nothing better than to spend my day researching little-known facts on the internet.  And your question prompted me to check the population of Wasbasca on the Alberta Open Government Website. You probably already know this but I was fascinated to discover that the population of your hometown stands at 166, only because your little community welcomed another bundle of joy this past year, bless their tiny cotton socks, or you would still be resting happily at a majestic 165.  Also, I learned that the local airport serves a wider population of roughly ten times that amount across several Indian

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Man in wheel chair writing

Writing with Chronic Illness

Writing with chronic illness looks much different than writing without—and so does self-care. We often think of self-care as what we see prevalent in commercials or on the internet: spa

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