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Joe Solari

The Foolproof Plan For Making Your Full-Time Author Leap

Indie Author Magazine introduces a new section this month with the addition of INSIDER INSIGHTS. We welcome Joe Solari, noted business expert as our inaugural contributor. Submissions are open on our website at https://indieauthormagazine.com/insiders If you’re an author who has published enough books to know that you have a readership and earn nearly enough or more than you do at a day job, then there are a few things to consider before you leap into becoming a professional writer.

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Dear Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: Mash-up in Mainz

I have a great idea, or at least I think it is, for a series of books that would be a mash-up of a couple of other famous series. I wouldn’t use the same characters or world, but the plots would be somewhat similar. But then I wonder if I shouldn’t bother because it’s been done before. Should I write my idea or try to find something completely original? Mash-up in Mainz Dear Mash-up, How thrilling it is to hear from you. I love your question. No, really, I do because this dilemma is one that has faced writers since we first put pen to paper or even chisel to stone.  As our ancestors gathered around …

Book Club For Kids

The place where young readers meet to talk about books. The show includes a celebrity reader and an interview with the author. The host is award winning public radio journalist Kitty Felde. Book Club won the California Library Association Technology Award and the DC Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the

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Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Grammar Girl covers everything from punctuation and grammar to style and voice in her award-winning weekly podcast. The typical episode runs less than 15 minutes. And it’s fun. She shares her writing advice in three short nuggets: a quick and dirty tip, a hearty middle, and a closing snippet. Listen

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Write Now with Sarah Werner

Trying to achieve a healthy work-life-writing balance? Then check out Sarah Rhea Werner’s weekly Write Now podcast. Werner says it “gives you the encouragement, honest advice, and inspiration you need to balance work and life, pursue your passion, and write.” She is an award-winning podcaster and writer, national speaker, and

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Pumpkin Spice Preptober

Prepare yourself for the marathon that is NaNoWriMo To many people, October is pumpkin spice, cable-knit sweater, and soup season. In the NaNoWriMo community, October is (drum roll) Preptober. In the weeks and days leading up to NaNoWriMo, a lot of us are getting our stories and lives in order.

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All Fired Up: Firearm Basics for Fiction Writers

Our characters often need weapons to carry out plot lines, but how does an author accurately portray the use or description of a gun when their experience may be limited? To help avoid the pitfalls of starting from zero with firearms knowledge, this article will tackle some basics.  Types of

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Light Up Your Writing Brain With These Healthy Snacks

How to Eat Your Way to Creativity What’s the best fuel for a writer? For the 2021 Summer Olympics in Japan, 59-year-old Yoko Nishimura created a healthy salad to keep athletes in top form and combat the heat. She boiled edamame beans, added protein-rich noodles, fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetables.

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Cover Your Backside: Creating a Full Wrap for Print Without Tears

There’s nothing quite like holding your book in your hands—an actual printed copy whose pages you can flip. For fiction authors choosing exclusivity for e-books through Kindle Unlimited, print is an easy way to dip your toe into the wide marketplace without losing those page reads. For nonfiction and children’s

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10 Tips for Discord

Discord is a multi-purpose chat app made popular by gamers that includes text, audio, and video. Available on all platforms and devices, it has quickly expanded to be one of the premiere locations for interacting with authors and readers. But for those accustomed to other social media platforms, Discord has

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Business Shifts: Beat Burnout and Grow Your Team With Outsourcing

When you hear the term “Outsourcing,” what comes to mind? You are most likely familiar with the concept of hiring external talent for editing and cover design. For most indie authors, that’s as far as they go. Partly because at the beginning of their author journey, they will likely bootstrap

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Typewriter Tales:

Don’t look back

From The Publisher: Graciously Critical

How To Look Back To Move Ahead When I was sixteen years old and had recently experienced my first real romantic heartbreak, my stepmother gave me a greeting card from illustrator Mary Englebreit which read, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” That beloved card found a home everywhere

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Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture

Consider The Bigger Picture of Business

Often as creatives, we want to stay in our creative worlds and not worry about the minutiae of the business side of things. It requires leaving our happy places and doing tedious things like accounting and spreadsheets. And worrying about money. In some circles, I’ve heard people say that it’s

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It’s Time For Your Daring Adventure

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. – Helen Keller There comes a point in an author’s career when they need to be daring. For most of us, publishing the first book is our first bold step. But after that, we face the decisions of going full time,

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