November 2021 - All About Formatting

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Merri Maywether

Charge Forth into Writing

NaNoWriMo has begun Merri Maywether It is 11:59 p.m. on October 31st. Around the world, people are nestled in the safety of their homes. Stacks of candy collected in festive looking bags and decorative bowls.  At midnight, none of that is important. Because thousands of writers around the world have touched pen to paper, finger to keyboards, or voice to dictation device. National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a. NaNoWriMo 2021 has begun.  And we are ready. We have our outlines

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Dear Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: Mash-up in Mainz

I have a great idea, or at least I think it is, for a series of books that would be a mash-up of a couple of other famous series. I wouldn’t use the same characters or world, but the plots would be somewhat similar. But then I wonder if I shouldn’t bother because it’s been done before. Should I write my idea or try to find something completely original? Mash-up in Mainz Dear Mash-up, How thrilling it is to hear from you. I love your question. No, really, I do because this dilemma is one that has faced writers since we first put pen to paper or even chisel to stone.  As our ancestors gathered around …

Delving into Story

Writing for Middle Grade Middle Grade, an age-based story category, exists across multiple genres. Whether fiction or nonfiction, fantastic or realistic, historical or contemporary, these stories are generally written with ages 8-12 in mind, although they may also appeal to teens and adults who enjoy short, uncluttered, fast-paced stories focused

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Taming the Beast

Arm Yourself to Beat Imposter Syndrome In this final article on imposter syndrome, we’re going to take a deeper look at the psychology behind it and offer a tool kit for healthier thinking.  Everyone has a mental filter, built from our experiences, our personality, and our environment. It’s this filter

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Indie Author protecting injured wrists

Take A Wrist Break

Protecting your wrists As a writer, your wrists are crucial to your work. Whether you use pen and paper or a keyboard, repetitive actions can cause stiffness and swelling leading to pain. The most common of painful wrist conditions is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), but by making a few small

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african american man using laptop with youtube website and smartphone with skype

Ten Tips for YouTube

When you hear the name “YouTube” you probably think more of videos than books, and even Google explains YouTube as “an online video sharing and social media platform.” Based on numbers alone, it should come as no surprise that a social media platform with one of the largest search engines

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Fast, Polished Formatting Chrishaun Keller-Hanna Released: 2013 Operating System: Apple/Mac Price: Vellum eBook $199.99 (can produce interiors for eBooks only) Vellum Press $249.99 (can produce interiors for eBook and Print) What is it? Simply put, Vellum is an interior book layout software that offers authors a high-end formatting experience without

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Does Amazon A+ Content Make The Grade?

Breaking Down The Newest Marketing Feature in Kindle Direct Publishing  Standing out in a crowd is rarely fun—unless you’re trying to sell books, that is. But it’s not always easy. After all, eBook sales are an ever-growing force to be reckoned with, up more than sixteen percent in 2020, according

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The Perfect Polish

Formatting with Professional Programs Have you ever picked up a book and enjoyed just looking at it? You may not have recognized why, but if you learned something easily from a book, it’s likely because the design enhanced your comprehension of the material. Chances are high the designer used InDesign

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The Word on Formatting

Using Microsoft Word to prepare your book for publication Gill Fernley If you don’t have the budget to hire a formatter, but you’re still dying to get your book out there, the good news is that you can do it yourself. And you’ve probably already got the program we’re going

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Concert Photographers

Paperback Paparazzi

Tackling Author Signing Events Ah, book signings. The glam, the glitz, the autographs, the pics. The chaos, the questions, the preparation, the rejection. If you’ve ever signed books before, you know there’s a lot more to it than just showing up and praying someone buys your book. And if you

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Hold your horses

How and why to put equine misconceptions out to pasture Few things transcend genres quite like horses. Historical novels incorporate them to set scenes or develop characters. They can be favorite modes of transportation on quests. Even their alien or hybrid cousins appear in Sci-Fi stories. Horses can be a

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Typewriter Tales:

Dreams about being princess comes true

When Your Dreams Come True

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” L. M. Montgomery Our books are the products of our imaginations, and though the stories within may not come to life, we can still hold our books in our hands, feel the tangible proof of what our minds have created.  For

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