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Series: Issue #19 - November 2022

10 Tips
Merri Maywether

Ten Tips: Newsletter Swaps

Roughly six years ago, a well-known Contemporary Romance author organized a book promotion. She posted the invite to participate in a Facebook group and opened it up to all authors, writing that she remembered her beginnings in the author world

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Genre Tropes
Susan Odev

What It Takes to Make Your Next Book a Holiday Hit

This issue falls as autumn begins, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. But writers invariably set Christmas-themed books amid images of pine trees laden with snowy boughs, despite 50 percent of the world experiencing the height of summer on December

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: Out of Love in Obura

I was so excited when I started my series, and now I feel like I might lose the will to live if I have to write any more. The problem is that I have a big fan base and they

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Indie Author Tools

Prickly Pens Podcast

Prickly Pens Podcast is a platform of discussions with three friends who are also authors on the writing journey: Michelle Monkou, Julia Canchola, Gabby Samuels. During each episode, each co-host will add to the discussion around, not only the writing

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Indie Author Tools

How To Win NaNo

How To Win NaNo is a no-nonsense guide to writing a novel in 30 days. November ticks closer every day, but don’t worry — your hosts are here for you! Kristina Horner and Liz Leo are NaNoWriMo experts (and lifelong

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Indie Author Tools

Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers

A weekly podcast for writers craving a unique blend of inspiration and real talk about the ups and downs of the writing life. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), each

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Belinda Griffin

The Dos and Don’ts of Creating Your Reader Magnet

No doubt you will see plenty of them with Black Friday and the holiday shopping season underway. In recent years, businesses have begun offering deals and offers through promotional emails to connect with customers and get them spending more. And

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You'll be happier at work when you make some friends there. Two colleagues having lunch in
From the Managing Editors
Nicole Schroeder

Editor’s Letter: Let’s Connect

In American Sign Language, to sign the word “friend,” you hook your two pointer fingers together, then flip both hands over and repeat the action. When I was learning sign language in college, the website we used as a reference

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Give yourself some credit for how far you have come
From the Publisher
Chelle Honiker

Stop and Look Around Once in a While

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing potential new contributors for Indie Author Magazine. Thirty-four brave souls stepped forward for consideration and a thirty-minute Zoom interview. Rather than feeling like thirty-four business meetings, it was instead a delight to meet

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