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Series: Issue #31 - November 2023

10 Tips
Tanya Nellestein

10 Tips for: Threads

10 Tips for: Threads If you have previous experience with X, originally Twitter, Meta’s new text-based social media app for Instagram users, Threads, will feel familiar to you. With similar content-sharing capabilities and a limit of five hundred characters per

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Paul Austin Ardoin

An Inside Look at Formatting Software Options

Independent authors wear many hats: author, editor, cover designer, blurb writer, and more. Among all those responsibilities, however, one self-publishing task that often gets funneled to the back of the queue is the formatting of the book’s interior. While not

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Health & Wellness
Heather Clement Davis

Give Your Brain a Break

How to Balance Life and Work as a Creative We often think of work-life balance as an aim to keep work separate from our personal time. But as writers, our stories are almost always on our minds. For us, the

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Learning the Craft

ALLi Exclusive: The Basics of Book Production

Professional layout and formatting is crucial to a book’s success. All authors worry about their book covers, and rightly so, but a beautiful cover and wonderful content can quickly be overshadowed by poor layout and formatting. The Alliance for Independent

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Steve Higgs

No Ads Budget? No Problem

Low-Cost Alternatives to Paid Advertising I focus a lot on paid advertising because that is where the real money is to be made. Paid advertising is highly scalable, so you can grow your income with it, especially on Facebook. But

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Devil in the Details
Wendy Van Camp

Time for Show and Tell

Re-examining the Golden Rule of Fiction As authors, the adage to “show, not tell” has been etched into our minds by well-meaning teachers from grade school to university. It’s for good reason. Showing detail rather than explaining things outright invites

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From the Creative Director
Nicole Schroeder

Letter from the Editor – November 2023

I once had a college professor remind me that, in some professions, doing everything right means most people won’t see the work you did. I can’t remember now if the advice came as part of a journalism or editing course,

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Featured Author
David Viergutz

Finding Pockets of Inspiration

How Kevin Tumlinson Paved His Path up the Mountain If you had to write your first book in a large spiral notebook with a taped-together cover to become an author, would you? That’s how Kevin Tumlinson, an accomplished Thriller and

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Searching for Serials

Dear Indie Annie, I have been looking for books where the author strings together a collection of short stories that build into a larger story. The Magnus Archives is a fiction podcast that I have discovered, but I’m looking for

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From the Industry
Craig Martelle

Ready or Not

If you’re an author, your success is growing, even if it’s only from one book and ten readers. This status vaults you into the public eye. Are you ready? The accolades from strangers about your storytelling prowess can be strangely

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Honoree Corder

Inner Beauty

When it comes to the formatting and design of your books, there doesn’t seem to be a clear path to ensuring readers’ expectations are met. It makes sense that readers would want an easy, bump-free read. Yet without a clear

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Jenn Lessmann

Free Followers to Engaged Superfans

How Authors Can Use Ream to Build a Subscription Business As indie authors increasingly move toward wide distribution and direct sales, subscription services may offer a way to expand marketing opportunities beyond ads and newsletters, as well as build a

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