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Series: Issue #29- September 2023

Indie Author Magazine Featuring Jillian Dodd


Dive into the dynamic world of social media strategy with this month’s issue of Indie Author Magazine. In an era where ‘Writing Means Business’, we bring you the latest insights and tools to effectively navigate the digital landscape and connect with your readers.

Steve Higgs

Paid Promotions

Ad platforms like Facebook and Amazon may be a great option for making money as an author, but they’re far from the only ones. With the right strategy, paid promotions can lead to impressive sales as well. If you’re not

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Featured Author
Jenn Lessmann

Dare to Dream

How Romance Author Jillian Dodd Makes Her Dreams Come True The plot for Jillian Dodd’s first novel came to her in a dream. Well, in three dreams, actually. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the author dreamt of

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie, I can’t seem to figure out a social media strategy that works! I never know what to post, and I have to manage accounts for two pen names, so it feels like a lot to balance. Any

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Craig Martelle


Remember how you went from grade school to middle school to high school and then to college? How you started a new job, then moved on to another new job? Starting over is a gift. It’s a new chance to

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Laurel Decher

Procrastination or Incubation?

For Creatives, Doing ‘Nothing’ Can Be Essential to the Process Can you tell the difference between wasting time and giving an idea space to develop? Creativity coach and poet Mark McGuinness has a simple rule of thumb. “Procrastination happens before

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Social Media
Honoree Corder

Social Media Means More Book Money

Raise your hand—heck, raise both of them—if you’d rather do almost anything else than hang out on social media. Keep them in the air if, when you go to make good use of the platforms we love to hate, you

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Gayle Leeson

Cashing in on the BookTok Boom

Authors Can Still Clock Huge Sales Thanks to TikTok’s Reader Community In the past three years, TikTok, the wildly popular short-form video sharing platform, has become a powerful tool for authors to connect with bookish communities and establish their brand.

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10 Tips
Eryka Parker

10 Tips for: Short-Form Videos

Visual storytelling is arguably the most powerful medium used by creators on social media today. It has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its opportunities for enhanced engagement, audience building, brand building, and content versatility, and nearly every

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Tanya Nellestein

The Socials Experiment

Can Authors Leverage Generative AI for Their Social Media Strategy? Social media, in all its guises, is a fabulous way for authors to showcase their wares. We can promote our work and potentially attract a dedicated audience who will derive

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Social Media
David Viergutz

Hacking the Algorithms to Popular Social Media Sites

What Indie Authors Should Know to Ensure Their Posts Are Seen Until the late twentieth century, town criers were used to spread the word about local happenings. They stood in front of crowds, disseminating crucial information. Each author must now

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From the Managing Editors
Nicole Schroeder

Editor’s Letter- September 2023

To anyone who thought the discussions around AI might be quieting down, let this past month be an assurance: among authors, at least, the debate rages on.  On August 7, author and industry expert Jane Friedman wrote a blog post

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