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Series: Issue #27- July 2023

Chelle Honiker

Books, Tools, & Podcasts To Explore in July

Book: The Anatomy of a Best Seller: 3 Steps to Deconstruct Winning Books and Teach Yourself Craft (Better Writers) Sasha Black Anatomy of a Best-Seller” by Sacha Black is an engaging guide for aspiring authors aiming to understand the crafting

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10 Tips
Heather Clement Davis

10 Tips: Website SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the organic method of driving traffic to your website, as well as to your other channels. As opposed to targeting audiences with paid ads, SEO allows you to utilize keywords, content creation, and links to

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From the Industry
Honoree Corder

Prosperity: From Metadata to Mega Sales

Get a handle on your book’s metadata, and you can turn your book into a veritable cash machine. Ignore the finer points of metadata, and your book might fail to find the traction, impact, and income you would really like

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: Juggling In Jersey City

Dear Indie Annie, My last self-published book took off, and I’m finally gaining traction as an author. I’m eager to release my next book as soon as possible to keep the momentum going. But I need help to keep a

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From the Managing Editors
Nicole Schroeder

Editor’s Letter: A New View on Metadata

Some of the best things about being an editor for Indie Author Magazine are the gems of wisdom I come across in our writers’ stories. Take Eryka Parker’s feature on keywords in this month’s issue. Like many of you, I’m

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Steve Higgs

Corner the Market: Spend Money to Make Money

I have spoken about marketing many times at conferences, and one subject always gets discussed: money.  Most of the authors I meet don’t have a lot of it to throw around, and when they run a few ads and see

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Chelle Honiker

The Art of Amazon Attribution

Master the Tool that Changes the Ads Game for Authors Imagine creating a captivating Facebook Ad for your latest novel. It garners attention, driving traffic to your book’s Amazon page. Then comes the million-dollar question: how do you calculate the

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Merri Maywether

The Beginner Author’s Guide to BISAC Codes

Over the years, we’ve seen adaptations in how books have been categorized. The changes have been prompted by libraries, publishers, and bookstores and were put in place to make it easier for booksellers and readers to navigate the extensive, ever-growing

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