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Series: Issue #23 - March 2023

Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Breaking Barriers in British Columbia

Dear Indie Annie, I write in a genre that is dominated by males: male authors, male main characters. I know my writing is important, but it gets discouraging to know I’m one of the few women in the room. Am

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From the Industry
Craig Martelle

Author Outreach

Authoring is a lonely business. It’s just you and your computer, pad, phone, or dictation device telling the story that’s in your head. The good news is that there are a lot of authors. It’s better to be alone together. 

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Health & Wellness
Comfort Amaechi

Keep The Gold

What to Consider When ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ Threatens Your Work-in-Progress Having a surge of creativity can be a great feeling. Everywhere you look, you seem to find new ideas. But while this can be exciting, it can also make it

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Jenn Lessmann

Back to Basics

How Writers Can Make the Most of Google Docs and Microsoft Word Indie authors are in a unique position in the publishing world. We get to make all the decisions when writing and publishing our stories. It’s liberating, thrilling, and

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From the Managing Editors
Nicole Schroeder

Editors Letter

Six months ago, I wrote “The End” on the first draft of my current manuscript. It was some time in the early evening, in the middle of the work week. I remember sitting on the floor beside my writing desk

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Social Media
Steve Higgs

How to Make Millions with Marketing

It is better to focus on selling the books you have written than it is to write the next book.  How’s that for a controversial statement? Obviously, if you have only one or two books under your belt, it probably

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Devil in the Details
Victoria Blisse

The Truth About Writing Trans Characters

Should You Write a Transgender Character If You Don’t Identify the Same Way? In 2017, the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (https://ccbc.education.wisc.edu) included LGBTQ+ content in its diversity data collection for the first time. Of the approximately 3,700 books it received

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From the Industry
Audrey Hughey

Sweet Escape

Writing Retreats Become ‘Joyful Respites’ for Attendees. Here’s How to Find Your Own. As winter fades and the new year blooms, we’re presented with the perfect time to refresh our writing lives. One of the most invigorating ways to achieve

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Learning the Craft
Gill Fernley

The Rights Stuff

Breaking Down the Complicated Lingo of Image Licensing Note: The information provided here is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. It is meant for general education purposes only. Furthermore, these definitions are always subject to change;

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10 Tips
Tiffany Robinson

10 Tips for: Facebook Groups

More than nineteen years since it launched, Facebook is still the largest social media platform, with three billion users in January 2023, according to DataReportal (https://datareportal.com/essential-facebook-stats). But organic reach on Facebook Pages is declining as paid traffic takes over user’s

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From the Industry
Megan Linski-Fox

The Expert’s Guide to Hiring a Book Coach

Are you someone looking to master the fundamentals of writing? Or are you struggling to learn the ins and outs of book marketing, preferring to sit on the sidelines while you remain hidden behind your desk? As indie authors, we

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