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Series: Issue #22 - February 2023

Devil in the Details
Eirynne Gallagher

Hello, My Name Is …

Why Authors in Every Genre Need to Consider Their Characters’ Names Carefully A character’s name can often make or break a book. How well would Lord of the Rings have gone over if it had followed Legolas, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli,

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From the Publisher
Chelle Honiker

Publisher’s Letter: The Power of Personality

Back in the olden days of indie publishing, when the earth’s crust was cooling and it was a wild west of new information for self-publishers, I was fortunate enough to attend a conference in Austin, Texas, with this month’s featured

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From the Managing Editors
Nicole Schroeder

How did you meet your writing group? 

One of this month’s features asks a handful of authors that exact question, and I always love hearing people’s responses. I met mine through Camp NaNoWriMo about eight years ago. (In fact, you can read about our group, the Treehouse

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Megan Linski-Fox

The Secret Mindset of a Millionaire Author

Millionaire authors can seem so grandiose. It’s hard to imagine an author making six figures a year from their work, let alone ten times that amount. Despite the apparent monstrosity of this task, there are many indie authors achieving this

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From the Industry
Craig Martelle

Martelle’s Motivation: The Reader Experience

The reader experience is both subjective and objective. You can measure it in your reader recidivism: What’s your read-through rate to the next title? Are you getting good numbers of reviews, more than each previous release? Is your book ranking

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From the Industry
Honoree Corder

Prosperity: Email Is the New Mailbox Money

When I was a young entrepreneur, the phrase “mailbox money” was thrown around a lot. I think, in today’s world, email is the new mailbox money. When you do it effectively, it can be a source of income, either directly

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10 Tips
Wendy Van Camp

Ten Tips: Twitter

Twitter is a unique social media platform built on brevity, requiring users to limit posts to only 280 characters at a time. But a writer can pack plenty into these tiny tweets. For many authors, Twitter has become the cornerstone

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: Sort of Social in Seville

Dear Indie Annie, I’ve started a new social media account to market my book, and I love posting photos and videos of the other things I read! But I get nervous posting anything about my own writing. How do I

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