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Series: Issue #20 - December 2022

From the Managing Editors
Nicole Schroeder

Editor’s Letter: From the Desk of Santa Claus

One of my favorite parts of Christmas morning has always been reading the letter Santa Claus leaves for me and my siblings. My parents started the tradition when I was around five years old. Every year, we’d wake up to

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Gill Fernley

7 Steps to Your Perfect Five-Year Publishing Plan

It’s almost the end of another year and time once more for setting intentions for the future. But don’t reach for a soapbox about New Year’s resolutions or dust off your schemes for world domination just yet. However well you

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Dear Indie Annie: Lost the Plot in Lajas

I started to write a fairy-tale retelling, but it has morphed into something more Sci-Fi. Do I let the story run away with me? Or do I force it to stick to my plan? Lost the Plot in Lajas Dear

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Kevin McLaughlin

Ulysses: A ‘Just Write’ App for Authors

I’ve written at least one book with darned near every major—and most of the minor—writing apps out there on the market: Google Docs, Microsoft Word, 4theWords, Atticus, Scrivener, Novlr, Pages. I’ve even written a book in Vellum before. Trying out

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10 Tips
Audrey Hughey

Ten Tips: Choosing Your Perfect Planner

Planners can be an excellent investment of your time and money, helping you create effective goals and build actionable plans. But with so many options available, it’s important to research which planner will work best for your unique writing life.

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