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Series: Issue #12 - April 2022

Indie Author Magazine

Writer’s Routine

Dan Simpson looks “inside the daily diary of a writer, to peek at the secrets of their success” on his award-winning Writer’s Routine show. He interviews authors, from aspiring to famous, for tips, tricks, and inspiration that could help us

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Man Hiking
Laurel Decher

You Go Faster When You Go Slower

The Power of Slow in the Writing World The indie author life can easily swamp authors with opportunity. The writing life can turn into a weary slog that never seems to bring success any closer. What if there was another

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Writing ideas
From the Industry
Chrishaun Keller-Hanna

Growth in the Indie Author Industry

I’m about to give the editors of this fine journal a headache. When they gave me the assignment of writing about growth in the Indie Publishing industry, my first thought was “this is a massive subject.” The second thought was

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judge and justice
Devil in the Details
Greg Fishbone

Need-To-Know Details to Write Criminal Justice By the Books

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.—Law & Order. In a gamut of literary

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Man in wheel chair writing
Health & Wellness
Angie Martin

Writing with Chronic Illness

Writing with chronic illness looks much different than writing without—and so does self-care. We often think of self-care as what we see prevalent in commercials or on the internet: spa days, vacations, etc. While these are nice, self-care for the

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Emails list on a laptop screen, office background
10 Tips
Angela Archer

Ten Tips for Finding Newsletter Content Ideas 

Aside from book updates, newsletter swaps, and group promos, you might struggle to keep coming up with fresh content ideas for your newsletter. You will need to take time to figure out what your audience responds to and to build

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Writer's block concept, top view of books, crumpled paper and coffee cup on author's desk
From the Publisher
Chelle Honiker

The Evolving Indie Author Resources

I have always seen IAM as an extension of the larger indie author community, born out of a group of international writers who met daily via Zoom and shared what they were doing to climb the mountain of success. Beyond

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Indie Author Magazine April 2022 Issue
Featured Author
Elaine Bateman

Ricardo Fayet, the Friendly Face of Reedsy

As co-founder of Reedsy, Ricardo Fayet is a familiar and much-respected face in the indie publishing world. The company was formed in 2014 to curate editing and design services. Ricardo explains that its core purpose is the same now as

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Indie Author Magazine

The Indy Author Podcast

Author Matty Dalrymple delves into how we can improve our writing skills and navigate a career in self-publishing on The Indy Author Podcast. Dalrymple, who is lauded for her interview technique, launches new episodes of the show weekly. In addition,

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Working screenwriter with a retro typewriter
Angie Martin

Plotting a Book vs. a Screenplay

You’ve finished your novel, published it, received rave reviews, and sold lots of copies, and now you want something more for your story. You can see your characters on the big or little screen, living out the words you wrote

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Indie Author Magazine

Narrative First

For “all things story” check out Narrative First. The show is no longer active, but 66 episodes “aimed at providing the secrets to great storytelling” are archived. The mostly ever- green content covers “screenplays to novels to deep theo- retical

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Mom reading picture book with her son
Alice Briggs

The ABCs of Publishing Picture Books

They say a picture is worth a thousand words—but if that’s the case, the exchange rate into dollars must be equally impressive. After all, picture books in the US children’s book market are worth $2.6 billion, according to IBISWorld (https://ibisworld.com/industry-statistics/market-size/childrens-book-publishing-united-states.) 

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Dear Indie Annie
Indie Annie

Wasting Time In Wabasca

Dear Indie Annie, How do I know I’m good enough? Writing a book takes time and effort. What if my novel is utter rubbish? I’ll have wasted all that time and effort. Wasting time in Wabasca Dear Wasbasca, I do

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