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Series: Issue #10 - February 2022

Editorial:Non-Fungible token letters, nft‘s are a blockchain market for art and collectibles
Greg Fishbone

NFT Books: A Work in Progress

A Vision from within the Infancy of Crypto Publishing *** What Are NFT Books? I can’t tell you for sure. Not yet. What I can do is speculate on what NFT books might become.  The scenarios described in this article

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Facebook for Indie Authors
10 Tips
Gill Fernley

10 Tips for Facebook

Facebook can be a great place for authors to meet and get to know other authors and readers. It’s easy to post and to add a variety of information to your posts, including emoticons, photos, and videos, how you’re feeling

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Planner Calendar Schedule Date Concept
Jacqueline Harmon

Making Writing a Priority

We can’t escape it—we all lead busy lives, and we only have a finite amount of time and energy to fit everything in. It’s little wonder our writing ends up getting pushed further and further down the to-do list. So

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Own your story.
From the Publisher
Chelle Honiker

From The Publisher: The Product of Perseverance

When it comes down to a hero’s journey, the one thing that makes the story compelling is their ability to overcome the obstacle. What odds did they beat? What was previously insurmountable that they have now conquered? And, more importantly,

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Featured Author
Bre Lockhart

Ines Johnson: Storytelling, but Add a Little Spice.

Storytelling … but Add a Little Spice This year, Ines Johnson will have written and published over one hundred books. A seasoned author and introvert who loves sticky notes and colorful pens, she’s a treasure trove of experience. She’s also

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Marketing plan
Bradley Charbonneau

Win the Short Race: The Key to Marketing Nonfiction

Say you’re in a bar. With people. Someone approaches you and asks, “How’s it going with your author business?”  You answer in one of the following three ways:  “Well, the CTR on my CTA is fourteen percent lower even though

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Books in library
Laurel Decher

Hardbacks Made Easy

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Deciding Which Hardcover Options Are Right for You Why Consider Hardcover? Bragging rights alone are a solid reason for hardcover editions. A hardcover omnibus—the print equivalent of a digital box set—would look impressive on your next

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Male and female hand joining two blank matching puzzle pieces
Behind the Scenes Blog
Nicole Schroeder

Indie publishing powerhouses join forces

Draft2Digital is acquiring Smashwords later this year. Here’s what that means for their authors. The shocking news heard ’round the world Tuesday might just be the start of an indie publishing revolution—that is, if Mark Coker and Kris Austin have

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Beautiful blonde female detective with vintage lantern in retro coat walking in old street
Genre Tropes
Susan Odev

Getting Cozy with Mysteries

In her book Writing the Cozy Mystery, Nancy J. Cohen defines a cozy as a “whodunit featuring an amateur sleuth, a distinctive setting and a limited number of suspects … ” When challenged, many authors will simply respond, think Murder

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