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Blood Sweat, and Tears

Regular Features

The Writing On The Wall: Getting to Know Scrivener

When writing your novel, you want a program that can contain all the amazing ideas that are swirling around in your brain in one place. Literature & Latte’s Scrivener is designed to do just that. …

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Kill or Cure?

Alfred Hitchcock famously said, “I think everyone enjoys a nice murder, provided he is not the victim.” In reality, there is no such thing as a nice murder or a perfect murder but, in writing, …

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The Many Faces of Author Collaboration

What is collaboration? When two authors love each other very much… Okay, they don’t have to love each other but the best collaborations do emerge from professional relationships based on trust, respect, and reliability. Author …

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Clubhouse: Make it Work for You

Clubhouse is the latest social media platform. It’s an audio-only platform where people engage in conversation in groups called “rooms.” Some rooms invite everyone to participate, whereas in others you’re only a listener. You can …

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Current Issue June 2021

Dear Indie Annie

Nice in Newcastle Writes…

Dear Indie Annie, I love my characters. I love seeing them live out their lives, and making wonderful things happen to them. But my critique …

From the Indie Annie Shop:

Health, Wellness and Mindset

Connecting the Drops: Proper Hydration and Your Imagination

Does your creativity wane when you need it to wax? Are you staring at a blank page with no inspiration and a deadline? Do you …

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Conquering the Muddy Middle

When the shine of a new story idea fades and the muddy middle beckons, it is easy to lose interest, especially with a shaky or …

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Kindle Vella

Vella: KDP Gets Serialous

On April 13th, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) announced a new program: Kindle Vella, a home for serial stories. Like Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Worlds …

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This Month's Theme: First Drafts

Intermediate First Drafts

Tackling the First Draft One Day at a Time

You have committed to writing a book, worked out the characters, what’s going to happen to them. The world is verdant and fleshed out in …

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Advanced First Drafts

Dictating Your Way to a First Draft

We’ve all read that publishing fast can be one of the drivers for a successful indie publishing career. In fact, there are writers who consistently …

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Beginning First Drafts

Battling the First Draft and Winning

Drafting is how we get books. Books are our business. This means drafting is our business. Finishing our drafts is our top priority. No finished …

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Genre Focus

Urban Fantasy Tropes

What makes a book an urban fantasy and not merely contemporary fantasy? It comes down to genre tropes. Every genre has its specific set of tropes that define it from others. Readers may not be able to name the tropes or be consciously aware of them; however, their subconscious mind will recognize them and determine whether they are ultimately satisfied …

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Strive for progress, not perfection
From the Publisher
Chelle Honiker

Done is Better than Perfect

Done is better than perfect. Just finish the thing. You can’t edit a blank page. All great advice for writers when they’re in the middle of the first draft slog. Keep going. But what happens when the words literally won’t come? When the muse won’t show up? Common advice for when you’ve got writer’s block (which my friend Jackie Dana has always maintained does not exist) is to write something outrageous to break up the monotony and get your juices flowing. Kill a character. Someone start a fight. Have them do something opposite to what they would normally do. Make them all vampires. That last tip is mine. I know from personal experience and three wins for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that it is

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From the Creative Director
Alice Briggs

Discover New Outlining Strategies

In this issue, we’re continuing to follow the basic process of creating a book. Outlining last time, First Drafts this. It seems like a fairly straightforward topic. However, our writers and editors have crafted some fascinating articles we expect will provide you with some new strategies to incorporate into your drafting workflow. Planning to use poisonous plants

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From the Managing Editors
Erika Everest

Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves

After the excitement of Outlining, that first glimmer of the idea that’s going to be the most amazing story ever, we come to First Drafts. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work. One of the hardest parts of writing a novel is finding time to write. Time is our most precious commodity

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From the Managing Editors
Robyn Sarty

Step on the Stage and Shine

Before I get to this month’s topic, I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in our launch. Seeing how the indie author community embraced the magazine reassures us that this is something we need. So thank you to each of you who came to our launch party, bought a subscription, or even

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