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Featuring Craig Martelle Issue #5, September 2021 – Focus on Retailers and Distribution

As an indie author, you have many choices for where you can sell your creative work. How do you navigate your choices for retail distribution? Do you go wide directly or via a distributor?
And if you’re already distributing wide, you might be ready to explore expanded formats like audio and direct sales.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we break down how indie authors can maximize their retail channels of distribution.
Read this month’s distribution articles:
✓ Where can you sell your work? We break down the different retailers like Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Book and Audible.
✓ How to choose the right distributor like Draft2Digital or Smashwords to simplify your process.
✓ What indie authors can do to get their books into libraries.

Featuring Kate Pickford Issue #4, August 2021 – Focus on Editing

EDITS. The dreaded red ink of doom. Seeing your marked-up manuscript can kill your enthusiasm faster than a hot knife through butter.
Poorly edited books will drive readers crazy — and leave 1-star scathing reviews. Worse, they can report your manuscript to the retailers, causing them to yank your books completely.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn what freely available techniques bestselling authors use to avoid editing disasters.
Read these articles to learn what successful indies know:
✓ What the different levels of editing are — and how to determine which you need.
✓ How to find the perfect editor and what to ask before you hire them.
✓ What affordable tools you can use to edit your own manuscript. We break them down!

Indie Author Magazine Cover with Andrew Dobell

Featuring Andrew Dobell Issue #3, July 2021 – Focus on Cover Design

For indie authors, the saying, “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover” can kill your book sales.
The wrong cover can make or break your entire project – it can be the kiss of death and drive your rank straight to the dungeon. Worse, you may not even know why.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we reveal the ways indie authors can avoid these mistakes.
Read this month’s cover design articles to learn what successful indies know:
✓ How to choose the right cover art and ensure you have the legal right to use it.
✓ How to find the perfect designer and what to ask before you hire them.
✓ The free tools you can use to create your own cover like a pro.

Featuring Jami Albright Issue #2, June 2021 – Focus on First Drafts

You can’t edit a blank page – you must write that first draft. First drafts are the toughest part of the process. They’re rough, they’re messy, and they’re necessary.
So how do you keep going when you hate every word you’ve written?
Don’t be just another “aspiring author” — it’s time to finish.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn how to optimize your first draft process and join the ranks of working indies.
✓ How to conquer the muddy middle of your first draft… and finish strong.
✓ How to use dictation software like the most productive authors.
✓ What writing software can make your first draft a joy instead of a slog.

Featuring Gail Carriger Issue #1, May 2021 – Focus on Outlining

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Successful indie authors often take that first step with an outline. They take their nebulous ideas and make them real — but how?
You might cringe at the thought of stifling the creative process. Or, you might be the author that geeks out at the opportunity to break out a tool and start organizing right away.
Whether you’re a Plotter or Pantser — or some combination of both — you’ll learn what bestselling authors do to take the first step.
★ In this inaugural issue of Indie Author Magazine…
✓ Learn the top outlining methods successful indies use, and which will work for you.
✓ Explore the difference between the Snowflake Method and the Skeleton Draft.
✓ Delve into the software high-earning authors use to streamline their writing process.

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