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Indie Author Magazine Featuring Elana Johnson

Congratulations! You just hit publish and you’re ready for the sales to roll in… or are you? Did you have a launch plan? Does anyone aside from your one supportive friend know you published?
You need a launch strategy. And fast. One that covers all the bases and gives your book its best chance of success before it falls off the release cliff.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn what strategies best selling indie authors use to maximize their sales and success. ★

Indie Author Magazine Featuring Becca Syme

Indie Author Magazine Featuring Becca Syme

Every indie author is also the CEO of their own career, which means that you wear many hats, and the buck stops with you. When switching from creative wordsmith to publishing boss, how do you set yourself up for success?
It’s time to make a realistic business and publishing plan, and we’ve got what you need to do it.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn the best goal setting and productivity hacks of successful self-published authors, maximizing their business. ★

Indie Author Magazine: Featuring Joseph Alexander

Once your manuscript is finished and ready for publication, it’s time to put on your publisher’s cap and format your book. For some, this part is worse than a double root canal, and can result in a flood of frustrated tears.
But it doesn’t have to. Formatting is a skill that can be mastered, or outsourced successfully and within the tightest budgets.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn the top software tools the pros use to format manuscripts for every retail outlet, and how to use them, whether you’re publishing your first or fiftieth novel.
Read the three key formatting articles:
✓the Word On Formatting: Using The Most Popular App To Format Books
✓ The Perfect Polish: Using Professional Apps Like Indesign And Affinity
✓ Va-Va-Vellum: Fast, Polished Formatting That’s Easy To Use
You’ll also meet Joseph Alexander and read about his journey from musician, to author, to publisher and what that means for his future and the future of his company.

Indie Author Magazine: Featuring Dr. Danielle and Dakota Krout

Taking charge of your indie author career comes with a whole new set of challenges. You’re not just a writer, you’re a publisher, marketer, administrative assistant, social media guru, and publicist. And that’s just on Monday.
How do some indie authors manage to do it all?
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn ways to optimize and streamline your author business without breaking the bank or burning out.
Read the three key business articles:
✓ How and When to Go Full-Time, Plus Your Action Plan for Making the Leap
✓ What You Need to Do To Safeguard your work as part of your estate — before it’s too late!
✓How to Beat Burnout and Grow Your Team With Outsourcing

Featuring Craig Martelle Issue #5, September 2021 – Focus on Retailers and Distribution

As an indie author, you have many choices for where you can sell your creative work. How do you navigate your choices for retail distribution? Do you go wide directly or via a distributor?
And if you’re already distributing wide, you might be ready to explore expanded formats like audio and direct sales.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, we break down how indie authors can maximize their retail channels of distribution.
Read this month’s distribution articles:
✓ Where can you sell your work? We break down the different retailers like Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Book and Audible.
✓ How to choose the right distributor like Draft2Digital or Smashwords to simplify your process.
✓ What indie authors can do to get their books into libraries.

Featuring Kate Pickford Issue #4, August 2021 – Focus on Editing

EDITS. The dreaded red ink of doom. Seeing your marked-up manuscript can kill your enthusiasm faster than a hot knife through butter.
Poorly edited books will drive readers crazy — and leave 1-star scathing reviews. Worse, they can report your manuscript to the retailers, causing them to yank your books completely.
★ In this issue of Indie Author Magazine, you’ll learn what freely available techniques bestselling authors use to avoid editing disasters.
Read these articles to learn what successful indies know:
✓ What the different levels of editing are — and how to determine which you need.
✓ How to find the perfect editor and what to ask before you hire them.
✓ What affordable tools you can use to edit your own manuscript. We break them down!