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Friday September 24: BookFunnel Tips and Tools

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Expanding Your Empire

How to Use Merchandise Sales on your Website to Make Money and Grow Your Brand In today’s economy, it’s a given that relying on a

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Naming the Beast

Recognizing Imposter Syndrome Angela Archer This is part one of a three part Mindset mini-series focusing on imposter syndrome. You may or may not have

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Embracing Your Inner Superhero

Navigating The Intricacies and Benefits of Pen Names  Secret identities aren’t reserved for superheroes. There are no masks, no capes, no utility belts; and despite

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

How Sleeping Aids Creativity.  Are you struggling to find a killer hook? Or is that tricky scene between your protagonist and antagonist keeping you awake

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Clubhouse: Make it Work for You

Clubhouse is the latest social media platform. It’s an audio-only platform where people engage in conversation in groups called “rooms.” Some rooms invite everyone to

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Small Starts, Big Gains

As writers, there is nothing better than finding ourselves in the creative zone of genius, furiously pumping out words for hours at a time. Before

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The Author Arena

Hosted by Fatima Fayez, Merri Maywether, Paddy Finn Three authors from three different genres come together to share the tools indie authors use in the

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