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Looking Ahead at … AI

Authors understand the power of a strong launch, but describing OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT simply as “strong” feels like an understatement.  In the first five

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The Socials Experiment

Can Authors Leverage Generative AI for Their Social Media Strategy? Social media, in all its guises, is a fabulous way for authors to showcase their

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Accessibility with AI

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize your author business and help you reach more readers. Learn about AI-based programs such as dictation software, transcription services, and AI-narrated audiobooks to make your books more accessible to a wider audience. Explore the benefits that AI technology can offer, from increasing writing speed to catering to readers with disabilities or chronic conditions.

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Ten Tips: Editing with GPT

Generative AI text and art programs may be receiving the most attention right now, but they aren’t the only ways authors can use AI technology. 

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Ten Tips: ChatGPT Prompts

Since Open AI’s ChatGPT was released last November, it’s arguably become the most talked about bot since the T-800. But before we face the inevitable

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Decoding AI

‘Artificial Intelligence’ Sounds Straight Out of Sci-Fi. But What Can It Really Do? The robots are coming for your keyboards and your wallets. At least,

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AI on the Brain?

Additional Resources for Keeping Up with the Latest AI News Technology is constantly changing, yet rarely do we give a lot of thought to what

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