August 2021 - All About Editing

Kate Pickford: The Pickford Papers

The Pickford Papers

Kate Pickford is a name whispered in groups of authors the world over. She has written and directed award-winning movies, and found success as a script doctor, a book coach,

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From the Industry
Monica Leonelle

How to Conquer Crippling Criticism

How to survive and thrive during the editing process One of the greatest challenges of becoming an author is getting your book edited without having a panic attack around, “Is

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Dear Indie Annie...

Self-Published in St. Petersburg

Dear Indie Annie, I published my first book last month. I worked really hard on it, paid for professional editing and cover, and I’m really proud of it. But when I told friends and family that I had a book out, they asked who the publisher was and what “deal” did I get. They told me that self-publishing isn’t real publishing, it’s just for books that aren’t good enough to be picked up by a traditional publisher. Now I feel really low and am struggling to find the motivation to continue with book two in the face of such derision of my achievement. What should I do? Self-Published in St. Petersburg Dear Self-Published, May I call you SP? I’ll take that as a “yes.” I will start by saying “Congratulations, you wrote a book!” Savor that incredible success for a moment. Sweet, sweet, darling SP, many years ago, when I

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Ten Tips for Goodreads

At its core, Goodreads is a social media platform. It lives for the interaction between its users. Yet authors aren’t as active as they need to be to get the

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Editing Books We Love

Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing Sandra Wendel As the title suggests, this is a primer for first-time authors, although there are some timeless nuggets

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Writing Excuses

Hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Daniel Wells Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart. Writing Excuses is a fast-paced,

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Six Figure Authors

Hosted by Lindsay Buroker, Joseph R. Lallo, and Andrea Pearson Six Figure Authors is the show that helps you take your writing career to the next level. Lindsay Buroker, Jo

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Stark Reflections

Hosted by Mark Leslie Lefebvre Perspectives and reflections on the writing and publishing life. Mark Leslie Lefebvre, a writer, bookseller, digital publishing advocate, professional speaker, and publishing consultant, explores inclusive

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FAQs for ISBNs

What you need to know about ISBNs to make the right choices for your business There’s much to learn about self-publishing, and one aspect to understand is the role of

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Are we there yet?

A guide to determining travel time in your stories An old scene ends. A new scene begins. And if the characters now find themselves in a different place, readers will

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Dancing in the Sunshine

Boosting Creativity with Vitamin D Vitamin D contains a little bit of magic. It plays a key role in overall health, improved sleep, emotional regulation, and cognitive function. Sunlight is

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MINDSET Check-up

Resetting and restarting By the time you reach the editing stage, you’ve been working on your project for a long time. Your creative brain might be tired. Maybe you have

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The Bold and Beautiful

Ad Graphics That Sell Your novel debuts. The story is amazing. The cover is on trend. The product description is flawless. But not every author is going to find their

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The Perfect Polish

“The End.”  You’ve typed the final words, and your manuscript is complete. What next? If you’re like most people, this is when you search for an editor. Even talented writers

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Typewriter Tales from the team:

Making Your Story Shine

Editing can be a daunting part of the writing process. Whether a critique partner, beta readers, or an editor, it’s the first time eyes other than yours are seeing your

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